Linn County Child Development Center

Over the past year, our center has collaborated with two Eagle Scout candidates from the Hawkeye Area Boy Scouts Council. This quarter, one of the scouts provided the leadership, research and coordination needed to build the “living willow hut”…The hut is approximately 6 feet high and 8 feet in diameter. It is constructed of living willow shoots which have become rooted several feet in the ground. It was constructed by a crew of volunteers who harvested the willow shoots from Wickiup Hill Outdoor Learning Center (Linn County Conservation) and spent many hours rooting and weaving the hut together at Linn County Child Development Center on 7/21/12. It has similarities to a traditional Wickiup structure (see drawing), though it is not intended to be an exact replica. The scout also constructed a small wooden foot bridge for use elsewhere on the center playground. The hut will go dormant during the fall and winter, but should sprout green leaves in the spring. Children enjoy playing inside the hut and it is a great enhancement to our Nature Explore outdoor play area.

~Chris Carman, LCCDC Director

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