Gov. Reynolds, Lt. Gov. Gregg announce new statewide childhood health campaign

Gov. Kim Reynolds and Lt. Gov. Adam Gregg announced a new statewide childhood health campaign called “5210 – Healthy Choices Count” on Tuesday, 10/31/17. The campaign is a public-private partnership with the Healthiest State Initiative and the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) to combat childhood obesity. 5210 is a nationally recognized childhood obesity prevention program that focuses on the importance of four simple daily health habits:
 5 or more servings of fruits and vegetables;
 2 hours or less of screen time (television, computer, video games, phones, etc.);
 1 hour or more of physical activity; and
 0 (or reduced) sugar-sweetened beverages.
“Research has shown that children who have healthy eating habits, are physically active and spend less time in front of a screen do better in school,” Gov. Reynolds said. “Their reading scores improve, they are able to maintain better focus in class and they sleep better. Children who do better in school are more likely to pursue post-secondary education and are better equipped to contribute to Iowa’s economic success.”

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