Meeting with Representative Liz Bennett

Monday, December 8th

Linn County ECI Board members and staff met with Representative Liz Bennet, please see her post below.

Meeting with Liz Bennett to discuss Linn County Early Childhood Iowa

Liz Bennett for Iowa House District 65:
I started this morning meeting with Chris, Jeanette, Donna and Carol (not pictured) to learn about their work with Early Childhood Iowa.
Kids face many barriers to learning in early childhood: Hearing or vision concerns, a sick parent, a parent or parents whose jobs make it difficult to transport a child to and from preschool, mental health concerns, and many more.
Early Childhood Iowa uses a 360° approach to ensure that children have the resources needed to learn in preschool, kindergarten and beyond, building a solid foundation for success as adults.
Thanks for taking the time to educate me about this important program!  Liz Bennett
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